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30th-Oct-2010 02:12 am - BLEACH Wallpaper - Hoodoo

Click the image to make it bigger!

Fandom //
Characters // Ichimaru Gin, Matsumoto Rangiku
Lyrics // Hoodoo by Muse
Info // Song choice for Chapter 169 of Volume 20 titled 'End of Hypnosis'.
22nd-Oct-2010 02:00 pm - SPOILERS *THE LUST* SPOILERS
Fan mix made for my beautiful, wonderful roommate! And also because it was next in my series mix... But this mix is made with lots of love and I hope the epic desperation is properly expressed.
Let me show you true despair...Collapse )
20th-Oct-2010 02:18 pm - Turn Back the Pendulum Mix
A Fan Mix for the Turn Back the Pendulum chapters.
the pendulum swings...Collapse )
Wipe Away Your Tears is the second part of my massive Ichimaru Gin/Matsumoto Rangiku mix. This half is for their reunion up until their final parting :*( Including a song for Rangiku's thoughts on Gin in Chapter 423 - Farewell Swords.
Cover art and track listings under the cut!

So that they'll end without Rangiku having to cry...Collapse )
17th-Sep-2010 11:28 pm - BLEACH Wallpaper - Land of Shame

Click the image to make it bigger!

Fandom // Bleach
Characters // Urahara, Yoruichi and Tessai
Lyrics // Land of Shame by Vast
15th-Sep-2010 09:51 pm - BLEACH Wallpaper - Hinamori/Aizen

Fandom // Bleach
Characters // Hinamori Momo and Aizen Sousuke
Lyrics // Bleeds to an End by Neverending White Lights

 A tribute mix to Volume 20 of the Bleach manga titled "End of Hypnosis", which contains the climax of the Soul Society storyline and reveals Aizen Sousuke's evil plan of betrayal.

13 songs for 10 chapters.

Artwork, explanation and .rar file under the cut :)

He lied about death...Collapse )
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